XEROS Dry Mouth Therapy

XEROS Dry Mouth Therapy Pump
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The XEROS provides immediate and effective relief from CHRONIC dry mouth caused by radiation therapy treatment to oral cancer survivors.

What is the difference between CHRONIC dry mouth and dry mouth?
Education is crucial and critical in finding a remedy for CHRONIC dry mouth
Chronic dry mouth is debilitating & extremely painful!

dry mouth

CHRONIC dry mouth and dry mouth are two different conditions.   ref arrow XEROS

chronic dry mouth

Why drinking water does not resolve CHRONIC dry mouth   ref arrow XEROS

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Do You Have CHRONIC Dry Mouth?


Are You Debilitated and Experiencing Pain from Your CHRONIC Dry Mouth?

Why does the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump work?

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The XEROS Dry Mouth Pump is unique in that it mimics the salivary system as best a mechanical device can.
Read about the process of
wetting your oral cavity.

XEROS-salivary glands

How does the XEROS Dry Mouth Pump work?

The XEROS delivers approximately 0.083ml/second of water to the oral cavity via a small soft sponge, the same type used by the medical commuity to swab your mouth or as toothettes to brush your teeth and gums. You place the sponge wherever it best fits since we are all different. The water is placed into an eight ounce plastic water bottle, flows through a peristaltic pump, then is discharged into your mouth.

You can set the pump to run continuously in the BOOST MODE or in the TIMER MODE setting the interval (when the pump pumps) and duration (how long the pump pumps).

Who should use the
XEROS Dry Mouth Pump?

Persons inflicted with CHRONIC dry mouth.

Where can you use the
XEROS Dry Mouth Pump?

You can use the XEROS anywhere you can imagine except in the shower, swimming pool, or restaurant.

When should you use the
XEROS Dry Mouth Pump?

You can use the XEROS while sleeping, sitting, riding your bicycle, horse, motorcycle, working, exercising, or just about anytime except when eating, showering or swimming.

 chronic dry mouth
 chronic dry mouth
 chronic dry mouth
 chronic dry mouth