XEROS Dry Mouth Therapy

How is CHRONIC dry mouth different from dry mouth?


Xerostomia is the subjective sensation of dry mouth, which is often (but not always) associated with hypofunction of the salivary glands. The term is derived from the Greek words (xeros) meaning "dry" and (stoma) meaning "mouth".

XEROS dry mouth pump hypofunction


Diminished, abnormally low, or inadequate functioning.


persisting for a long time or constantly recurring

Chronic Dry Mouth vs Dry Mouth

XEROS dry mouth pump hypofunction

Dry mouth by definition effects somewhere around 83,000,000 people in the United States alone. That is why you'll see a ton of solutions for dry mouth on the market. The company's are competing for your money. there is no hard data tracking dry mouth however it is substantial because corporations are throwing billions of dollars at the market.

Dry mouth is primarily caused by genes, age, and medications and occurs over a period of time.

These remedies for dry mouth are all based on the fact that there is saliva to one degree or another.

To address chronic dry mouth I'll work backwards.

First, there is very little or no saliva.

Second, chronic dry mouth is caused primarily by head and neck oral cancer radiation therapy treatment. It is also found in patients suffering from Sjogren's Syndrome and possibly Lupus.

XEROS Dr Robert Kelly Connecticut University

Dr Robert Kelly, DDS, with the University of Connecticut understands chronic dry mouth and is working on artificial salivary glands for relief fo dry mouth in the future.

Third, Chornic dry mouth effects, determined solely by conjecture, approximately anywhere from 410 to 4,100 people in the United States alone. This is why you will not see many solutions. As a matter of fact, you'll see only one solution for chronic dry mouth, the XEROS dry mouth pump. Marketers are NOT banging down your door with a remedy for chronic dry mouth.

Lastly, fourth, chronic dry mouth is always present to one degree or another because saliva is not.

Do I need the XEROS dry mouth pump?

If it is determined that you are suffering from chronic dry mouth, the XEROS is the only solution, worldwide.